Art in the Everyday: Tattoo Artist Amy Dowell
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Art in the Everyday: Tattoo Artist Amy Dowell

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Art in the Everyday: Tattoo Artist Amy Dowell

As an interior designer living in a place like Jackson Hole, art and beauty are an integral part of my life. Some days I have a few minutes to soak it all in, other days, not so much. However, just in case I forget, Amy Dowell’s work is an excellent reminder.

If you are a Jackson local, you may know Amy for her highly sought-after, neo-traditional tattoos. She is often booked nearly a year in advance at her private tattoo studio, The Painted Lady. If her reputation doesn’t speak for itself, she has a list of awards much too long to mention here.

From the canvas to her clients’ skin, Dowell’s imagination is as boundless as her work.

“Art impacts every facet of my life, from the clothes I wear, to how I do my hair or makeup, to how I decorate my house and studio. Art is how I express who I am to the outside world,” says Dowell.

The Beginning

From an early age, Dowell was wildly creative, which continued to build through her high school years. Encouraged by her grandmother (also an artist), and an abundance of positive feedback from her teachers and peers, Dowell’s interest in art was nurtured right here in Jackson.

Changing the Canvas

While attending university as an art major, Amy Dowell was drawn to the tattoo scene where she found that her aesthetic translated perfectly into this artform.

Her tattoo work blends her artistic vision with that of her clients, resulting in pieces that are imbued with the symbolism, passion, and memories. These pieces range from playful and romantic to emotional and energetic. While all maintain her individual artistic style, they are as varied in tone and subject as her clients.

Dowell’s artwork—nature is a prominent theme—has been heavily shaped by living in the Jackson area. She explains, “Jackson is definitely where I have found that I can be the most creative. The valley inspires me both to make work and [the] actual work itself”.

Daring to be Different

While living in Jackson has shaped her work, Amy isn’t afraid to be different; her art may not meet the expectations of the mainstream mindset and that’s just fine with her, and me.

Amy’s work can be seen on her numerous satisfied clients in Jackson as well as in the Closer to the Sun Gallery in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. If you are interested in learning more about Amy Dowell’s work, visit her website, You can inquire about tattoo appointments by emailing

Amy Dowell

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