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Bedroom Antics: Upgrade Your Space for Under $1000

Bedroom Antics: Upgrade Your Space for Under $1000

When the temperatures drop I want to escape the cold by hibernating under a fluffy down duvet.

When we talk about bedrooms the most commonly used words are “serene, comfortable, restful, etc.” Serenity is a good thing, but when it borders on boring, it’s time to hit the refresh button. The place you wake up everyday shouldn’t put you back to sleep. Give it some personality.

After the holidays (yes, I’m already looking forward to January 1), when family has departed and I finally have a chance to get back to life, it’s the perfect time to up the ante in my bedroom beyond just the basics of a few new throw pillows and a blanket.

Every year I try to change out one major item, and upgrade some smaller things like bedding, blankets and throws. Here are a few of my favorite ways to switch it up. Some won’t cost you a dime.

  • Move furniture. This is the least expensive way to transform your space.
  • Splurge on some really great lighting.
  • Make it moody, dramatic and sexy with thick drapes and dark walls.
  • Hang really great art; not posters, not prints, real art.
  • Layer lighting—sconces, table lamps, pendants, chandeliers. In the bedroom, more is definitely better.
  • Consider your closet doors—finish with a bright coat of paint, add mirrors or trim. Again, this is an inexpensive way to update and refresh your bedroom.

Here Are a Few More Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Try in 2016

Center Your Bed

Place your bed in the center of the room to maximize your space. This works well in studio apartments or lofts. Your headboard does double duty as storage. Win/Win.

Untitled design (6)


Rethink the foot of your bed…

…with a desk or sofa as a footboard. I love this idea for small apartments and homes as it maximizes space with a combination of high impact style and function.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas under $1,000


Change your lighting.

If you only switch one thing, add a dramatic fixture or chandelier above the bed or one above each nightstand.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas under $1,000


Wallpaper or Paint a Ceiling

There is something magical about a wallpapered ceiling, particularly in a bedroom where we spend the majority of our awake time staring at it. For major impact, wallpaper behind the headboard and carry it to the ceiling. Commitment-phobes can skip the wallpaper and go straight to the paint can.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas under $1,000

Gallery walls…

…are here to stay, but stay away from matchy-matchy and go with a mix of images, frames and colors. Install as a headboard or create a full tableau on the wall that faces the door.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas under $1,000

Shopping Resources



1. Rashka Bella Organic, Om Vibration / Amrita in Indigo Duvet Cover, $335- $415

2. Boll & Branch, Hemmed Duvet Cover, $225- $250

3. Annie Selke, Watercolor Dot Sheet Set, $187- $298

Throw Rugs

1 (1)


1. Marc Phillips Rugs, Splash Supreme Light Pink

2. Armadillo & Co, Addition

3. Pattern Society, Greenwich rug, $119



1. Mr. & Mrs. White, Lapse Mirror, $965

2. Leif, Firecracker Print, $45

3. J.M. Generals, American Cashmere Double Weight Bed Throw, $1,895

4. Rebecca Atwood, Gray-Lilac Shibori Pillow, $309



1. West Elm, Metallic Honeycomb Glass Pendant-Tall, $109

2. Selamat, Deco Hanging Pendant, $421.88

3. Chairish, Mint Colored Quatrefoil Lamp, $300


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