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With the onset of spring in the Tetons after a long winter, we are feeling rejuvenated and eager to share something with you that is very near and dear to our hearts. One of our favorite aspects of interior design is collaborating with other talented...

Ch-ch-ch-changes! We’ve been busy with several private and commercial projects and we know it’s been a while since we last checked in with you beautiful readers. During our little digital hiatus, a lot has changed as our business continues to evolve and grow. Recently, we...

Avesha Michael Giveaway

We have partnered with Avesha to add a little something special to your kitchen drawers. These little ceramic spoons are handmade, about 7.5-inches long with a glazed spoon and a natural handle. Delicate and simple, they are perfect for spooning sugar, jam, honey, coconut oil...really anything that you need just a little bit of to go a long way.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how to win AND a little more about how to elevate your everyday basics. 

Avesha Michael

How To Enter!

Easy peasy. Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite elevated "everyday basic" in your kitchen and why you love it. You can also double your luck by signing up for the LTSFB newsletter! 2. Share with your friends on Facebook, Instagram (@lifestooshortforbeige) and help us spread the word! Note: We only send a newsletter every so often, so we won't fill your inbox. Plus, when you DO get a newsletter, it will be chock full of design ideas, tips and resources.  Keep reading for my interview with Avesha.

It’s a national plague. We are all phone zombies. No matter how many stories you read about how bad it is for you—your posture, your eyes, your brain, your intelligence and your relationships—nothing...I mean nothing...will stop you from the constant presence of that phone in your hands. Well, maybe there is ONE thing that trumps the thrill of the apps. Summertime at the beach/poolside with a book.

The Case for Books

Here’s the thing. Water, sand and phones don’t go together. In fact, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Books, however, are the perfect companion. Spill your wine on a book? Just let it sit in the sun for an hour and it will be good as new (a little wrinkled and pink, but the words are still in tact). Your phone? Another story altogether. Another thing about summer reading? After so many months of running around like a crazy person—school, work, workouts, kids sports, dance recitals—cracking open a fresh spine means you get an excuse to escape for a few minutes. No matter your preference—fiction, nonfiction, romance (admit read a few pages of 50 Shades of Grey), biography, memoir—books allow us to become someone else for a moment. They take you outside of the present and into another world, free from distraction of pesky incoming messages and notifications.

Our Top Picks for Summer Reading 2016

Summer isn’t time for a major long-haul, vocabulary-word filled tome. This is your excuse to put down the autobiography of the Dalai Lama and dig into something you just can’t put down. Give yourself permission to open the pages to something funny, thought provoking, or even unexpected. I promise, your brain will thank you. Here’s what we can’t put down around our offices (and the offices of our PR team in Denver). Smart, fun, funny and a little whacky, you can’t go wrong.

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that Life’s Too Short for Beige would be switching things up a bit and expanding to include the voices of some of the women in my life who are living WAY outside the beige box to learn their secret to success. First, my PR Manager and friend, Kate Bailey shared the journey of designing her beautiful apartment. This week, we are bringing you the story and inspiration behind a smart, talented and innovative young woman named Megan Grassell. After founding her company Yellowberry at the ripe old age of 17, Megan is now a 20 year old with a full retail line of bras and clothing for tweens and teens. We hear a lot about “disruptive solutions” in the tech world dreamed up by think tanks and groups of Harvard grads, but this young woman is from a small town in Wyoming who relied on her own experience to create something totally unique in the world. Yes she is young, but I think her story will inspire you (and maybe your kids) to get out and discover what you can do to change the world.


It’s finally summer! It’s time to let the margaritas flow, let the sun shine on your winter ravaged body, and most of all, to open the doors to the patio for summer entertaining. Once you have your outdoor furniture in check—if you need ideas, read last week’s post on my favorite resource for stylish outdoor duds—then you get to turn your attention to the fun stuff...entertaining.

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

First, let’s have a quick honest discussion about party planning. With blogs, magazines, Instagram and Pinterest feeds out there showcasing picture perfect parties with handmade pompoms, freshly stamped notecards, miles of string lights and beautiful people dressed to the nines, it’s easy to get into a state of creative freak out that your party won’t live up to Pin-worthy expectations. Guess what? Unless you spend hours and hours planning your event, or enlist the talents of an event planner, your party probably won’t look like it jumped off the pages of Elle Decor. Stop worrying about it. Put down your iPad and dig inside your brain for some creative, simple and totally doable (even for the not-artistically-inclined) party ideas that 1. Won’t break the bank, 2. Don’t involve the use of plastic plates and 3. Will make you and your guests happy because you will be relaxed and rested for the evening’s festivities.

Summer comes fast to my hometown of Jackson Hole, and leaves just as quickly, which means when the sun starts shining and the temperatures rise, I spend as much time as possible basking in the rays—hiking, mountain biking, or lounging by the pool with my girls. Yes, I admit, we are spoiled living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. But, even if you live in the middle of the city with a tiny little deck or terrace, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the summer with style.

The Quest for Stylish Patio Furniture

So here’s the thing. I love my patio with its view of the Grand Teton. But that jaw-dropping vista means I need outdoor furniture that 1. Doesn’t take away from the views, 2. Doesn’t look cheap, and 3. Can withstand nightly entertaining. Of course there is a lot of magnificent looking outdoor furniture on the high end, but usually on the more wallet-friendly end, you are stuck with a lot of cheap teak and plastic. After A LOT of searching around, I stumbled on Serena & Lily a couple of years ago and fell in love with their line of simple, elegant pieces that also have a perfect touch of boho-meets-modern.

Elements of the Perfect Outdoor Space

Raise your hand if your patio has a table and chairs and not much know who you are. Of course you need the basics, but to make an outdoor room pop, you need to bring some of the indoors out. Play with elements typically reserved for your living room or dining room. Bring in an outdoor rug to add pattern and color. Stools are both sturdy and provide additional seating for guests to sit and munch on BBQ. Replace cheap outdoor pillows with sexy, boho-vibe versions that add texture and color. Upgrade your plastic outdoor dishes and serving pieces to something sleek, modern and made out of durable materials like resin or enamel. Both of these materials are perfectly durable, but much sexier and sturdier than grocery store trays.

Ready for Your Patio Makeover?

In a world of same-ness, the only thing you need to create major style is to embrace what you love. Don’t feel relegated to only using “outdoor furniture” outside. Buy a vintage bar cart to fill with cocktail necessities. Search for a couple of show stopping lanterns for when the sun goes down. Drape chairs with inexpensive vibrant saris (you can find these on Etsy for a steal) or funky fabric from the 60s. It's summer! Have fun and kick back with a stiff margarita. You deserve it.

Millennials are the most maligned generation in recent memory. Be honest. Raise your hand if you are guilty of calling them “lazy” “spoiled” “narcissistic” and “entitled.” The truth is, we have all met plenty of this generation who are exceptionally talented, insanely innovative and transforming business-as-usual in just about every industry.
In the world of style and design it’s precisely this group of 20 and 30-somethings who are upending industries that for the last century or so, have been operating in the same way.
Their thirst for a newer, better, more efficient and more conscious lifestyle has shifted fashion, interior design, travel, office culture and even transportation. They have ushered in the rise of “disruptive” companies like Uber, AirBnB, egalitarian design-for-all businesses like Havenly and Laurel & Wolf, and socially conscious fashion labels like The Reformation and The Arrivals.

Meet Our Newest Millennial

In the office, we recently hired our first 20-something, Kate Dreher, who has transformed my vision of what the Millennial generation offers. After just a few hours with her, I realized that as a card-carrying member of Gen X, there are a lot of things I can learn from these gorgeous creatures who were tossed out into the scary world of the Great Recession, and who have clawed their way out of it to the top of the pile. Last week we got into a long discussion about what Kate and her co-conspirators are bringing to the table, and here are some of the things worth a mention.

I’m about to let you in on our dirty little secret. Over the last year, I have had an awesome adventure bringing Life’s Too Short for Beige to you with tips and resources to get you excited about discovering new ideas and show you how to infuse these ideas into your own homes. a vibrant life is SO much more than just what’s in your’s your personal style, your beauty routines, your approach to work, kids, being a mother, girlfriend, wife, friend and all around total rock star. Starting today we are expanding LTSFB to include the voices of some of the women in my life who are living WAY outside the beige box. These are women exactly like you, who take a totally different approach to the daily grind. They have impeccable yet funky style, incredible careers, beautiful families, and (most importantly) are 100% real. I want you to connect with them, relish in their stories, follow in their footsteps, believe in their causes, support their projects, share their ideas with your friends, and ultimately, to follow your OWN path outside the beige box.
The first of these stories comes from my dear friend Kate Bailey, the LTSFB director of Marketing and Public Relations, and the owner of the game changing media strategy company Annabel Media in Denver, CO. She’s getting ready to move into a new apartment and has decided it’s time for some “grown up” furniture and major style.
I’m moving into a new apartment. And this time, I’m pulling out the stops.
You see, I’ve been a writer, editor and PR “girl” in the design industry for more years than I care to admit—eating, drinking and sleeping design since the day I stepped into my first magazine job at the ripe age of 22. Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about interiors. I know that there are certain fabrics that are great for drapes, but not for pillows, that your rug should be big enough to stretch a little past the length of your sofa, and that lighting should be done in layers.