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Enough with the all black-framed gallery walls. Let’s kick the creativity up a major notch so your display is just as artistic as the works you carefully curate. Gertrude Stein—the inimitable writer, art collector and Paris salon host—took a no rules approach to displaying her unbelievable collection of modern masters. No nook or cranny was saved. However, she also didn’t spend thousands of dollars on expensive frames, nor did she run to IKEA and buy a bunch of black rectangles so everything could look the same. The result was an ad hoc cacophony that made visitors feel like they were in the presence of something truly transformative. It was creativity at its finest.
BTW if you don’t know who Gertrude Stein is, stop immediately and click this link to read about one of the most important figures in modern art history.
Now I’m not saying that you should fill your home with floor-to-ceiling art à la Gertrude Stein, but I do think it’s time to approach your art display with a little more aplomb...a little more je ne sais quois. Your display is a way to tell the story of your works, a much-needed exposition, a little guidance for how people understand the art you have chosen. It’s a reflection of you and your approach to life.

We all have memories of amazing relationships—best friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, colleagues—those undeniable connections that feel right from the beginning. There is a sense of immediate “I get you and you get me”. The result? Perfect harmony. As a designer, I have the same memories of clients who were the perfect fit. It was easy, fun, exciting and effortless. The communication flowed, the ideas were plentiful, and the result was next-level creativity. In light of that, I would love to pass on some sage advice to answer the question, "How Do I Choose the Right Designer"? Keep scrolling to find out how to pick the perfect "one" who will help take your project to heights you never imagined, as well as a few challenges you might experience along the way.

We’re partnering with LQSHOP—one of my favorite online stores that just seems to “get it” when it comes to bold, assertive and totally cool design—to give readers a chance to win a $100 LQSHOP gift card. TO ENTER: Click on the link below and sign up for our newsletters by May 5th to qualify. If you have already signed up for my newsletter, not to worry. Go ahead and sign up for LQSHOP and we will make sure you are entered to win. We all have that friend. You know hershe looks put together no matter what, with an effortless style you can’t quite put your finger on. She is always wearing that ideal shade of pink lipstick, her hands are always beautifully manicured, and somehow her hair has that perfectly imperfect hint of a beachy wave. While effortless doesn’t come easy to most of us, we can still give it our best shot by surrounding ourselves with the pieces that boldly suggest #tryingnottrying.

What’s the Secret to Effortless Style?

When attempting “effortless style,” the Devil is truly in the details. “Easy chic” is about buying really well made everyday items—napkins, scarves, shoes, drink coasters, glassware, jeans—that are both functional and easy on the eye. Lisa Walker’s hand drawn, screenprinted scarves, tote bags, tea towels, and napkins are just the type of accessory that provides an instant pop of casual chic, to help you create the kind of home that says “Hey world, I’ve got this, and then some….” even if you don’t.

My office is full of Instagram addicts. I’m willing to bet yours is too. But in a sea of famous ‘grammers with 450K followers, some of the more cool, creative and innovative feeds get overlooked. To help refresh your lineup, here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts we are crushing on at the Grace Home Design studio. Trust us, you will want to follow them too.

“Design is not just about making the world a prettier place, or maximizing the usefulness of a room. For me, design is about creating spaces that elevate and inspire, and I love it!” -Andrea Beecher

Over the past couple of millennia, style eras in art, architecture, design and fashion have been punctuated by “isms”—Modernism, Classicism, Cubism, Brutalism, Orientalism. But in recent years, the whole notion of an “ism” has been thrown out the window and replaced with the hyphenates, i.e. Disco-Modern-Western-Contemporary-meets-Mad Men.

As a Colorful-Contemporary-Western-Maximalist, I couldn’t be more pleased. We are in an era where design doesn’t have to adhere to rules or principles. Look around you and you will see a madcap mashup of styles, ideas, eras, cultures and colors, that 10 years ago, would have been mocked. For example:
...think about the slightly off the wall granny-meets-sexy-school-girl creations of Alessandro Michele of Gucci, or the 90s-street-style-meets-80s-high-fashion of Demna Gvasalia of Vetements...
The same goes for interior design right now. Boundary-pushing tastemakers are crafting delicious interiors that defy convention. The best part? You no longer have to live in LA or NYC or London to see this kind of boundary-pushing style. You need look no further than the Rocky Mountain West where designers like me (my firm Grace Home Design is based in Jackson Hole), Danielle Wallinger of Studio D (my Denver-based 2015 designer crush), and my latest designer obsession Andrea Beecher in Salt Lake City, offer something very different from our colleagues. One look at her portfolio will tell you why. A deft blend of urban glam, mid-century modern flair and contemporary cool, Beecher has the kind of “I want it and I want it now” style that you can’t define. Andrea Beecher incorporates warm high wattage finishes—gold and brass—with strategic placement of pattern and color, and finishes it off with luxe rustic elements like wood and concrete.
The result?
Outside-the-box rooms that are equal parts confident, seductive and provocative. I’m thinking Disco-Brutalist-Modern-Glam...sounds about right, don’t you think?

As an interior designer living in a place like Jackson Hole, art and beauty are an integral part of my life. Some days I have a few minutes to soak it all in, other days, not so much. However, just in case I forget, Amy Dowell’s work is an excellent reminder. If you are a Jackson local, you may know Amy for her highly sought-after, neo-traditional tattoos. She is often booked nearly a year in advance at her private tattoo studio, The Painted Lady. If her reputation doesn’t speak for itself, she has a list of awards much too long to mention here.

With enough money, time, and determination, most anyone can recreate the rooms found in home design magazines. However, nothing makes up for the feeling you get when you have reached into the most creative parts of your brain to come up with something truly original. The truth is that you can’t design a unique space if you’re only sourcing from catalogs. One-of-a-kind rooms start with one-of-a-kind design pieces. My favorite rooms, just like my favorite pieces, are deeply personal. This is why I am simply obsessed with the rugs from Dedalo Living. After spending over a decade in Italy working in the fashion industry, designer Elisabeth Cook turned her eye toward interior design—specifically rugs and wall décor.

You know the old cliche “the kitchen is the heart of the home”? As corny as it is, the phrase rings true for most of us, whether we like to slave away in gourmet heaven at the stove, or believe dinner is best out of a takeout box. Real life happens here, probably more so than any other room in the houseand that’s as it should be. Kitchen design hasn’t always reflected this, but we’re starting to see a shift. 2016 kitchen trends are getting real. This year it's all about making this space more livable, more funky, and more true to the things you love. No more museums to expensive appliances and overpriced countertops. These kitchens are for real people and they are downright gorgeous. What more could you ask for?