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I have two words for you. 1. Stylish 2. Hardware No they aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, combining these two words is possibly the best thing you can do for your design. Sure, you can play it safe with "pretty" and "classic," but it's time to bring sexy back to your rooms—a welcome proposition now that we have entered that  interim between winter and spring, when we are all tired of being indoors, and staring at the same walls, the same furniture, the same accessories. When clients are itching for change and not quite ready for a major switch like sofas or rugs, one of the first places I turn is hardware.

“We are all here once, as far as we know, and time slips past so easily if you are not careful...When I am painting, I feel like I [am] competing with time.  I am capturing it, freezing it in an idea or an inspiration.”Todd Kosharek
I love living in a town like Jackson Hole because of our access to a world-class community of artists. Todd Kosharek is one of these artists, and in anticipation of his upcoming show at Altamira Fine Art in March, I wanted to share a little bit about him. Hands down, he is creating some of the most exciting work I have seen in awhile. At first glance, it may seem a bit conventional—landscapes and portraits are easily dismissed as basic—but Todd gives us great reason to take a second look.

I get it—you see clutter-free, beautifully bare living spaces and think, “yeah, that could be me.” From capsule wardrobes to “life cleanses,” minimalist propaganda is everywhere.

Don’t buy the hype.

White walls, sparse furnishings, rug-less floors, perfect rows of wine glasses perched on delicate shelves—the allure of minimalism is tempting because the “less is more” lifestyle appeals to the fantasy that (you and) your home can be perfect.

Listen up.

Your home will never be perfect, but it can be just right for your real—messy, yummy, busy—life. These spaces look beautiful in photographs, but let’s be honest, they aren’t realistic for anyone with pets, kids or a lease on life.

Following your intuition is much more fulfilling.

Paint those white walls. Add some flair with fluffy, colorful rugs and pillows. Bring in personality with original artwork and witty accessories. Life is meant to be lived with texture and a dash of crazy. Embrace the imperfect, the rumpled and the funky. It will transform your outlook on life.

When former Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini was a child, her father painted her room white, gave her a pile of markers, crayons and paints, and told her to use the room as her canvas. 25 years later, she launched into the fashion industry and the rest is history. Stylish Kid’s Rooms are a trend that has been gaining ground over the last few years. From bold wallpaper, to mini versions of grown up furniture, to dapper yet durable fabrics, the latest products on the market are so cool, I have to admit the tiniest bit of envy that these didn’t exist back in my day.

A new work of art is like a magic bullet for a room. This small change can completely transform a space...and also totally alter your outlook on life. The color, subject, size, function and sentiment of a piece is a surefire way to make someone smile, nod, cringe, ponder or laugh. That’s why choosing the right piece for a space is critical. For example, a bright, colorful, witty piece in a kitchen or entryway can spark conversation, and a dark, gloomy piece has no place above your headboard. It’s no secret that I have a thing for irreverent art. I love work that makes me laugh out loud, pieces that have a sense of longing, and others that are witty and thought provoking. Here is a list of new artists to watch that I’m crushing on right now. Some are emerging, some are established, but all have a spectacular talent for innovative application of their chosen medium. I think you will love them as much as I do.

In the world of interior design, “budget ” gets a bad rap. For some reason, the mix of high and low in the fashion world—Topshop dress with Dior heels, H&M jumpsuit with Balenciaga booties—has never quite made it to the lips of the interior stylistas.
I’ll let you in on a little secret…
Every interior designer—whether they have a firm seat on the AD100, or are just starting out—has tricks up their sleeves for high style on a dime. Outside of the obvious big box stores—West Elm, CB2, IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware—there are  thousands of resources you likely haven’t heard of, that offer insanely good designs and ideas at a very wallet-friendly price point. However, all lower-priced pieces aren’t made the same. There are plenty of furnishings and accessories that look cheap and feel cheap. There are also a lot of inexpensive pieces that look incredibly luxe, feel fabulous and will sit side-by-side with custom, high-end style.

Western design needs a paradigm shift. It’s time for an upgrade, refresh, an alternative to log furniture, antler chandeliers, brown, and wood, wood and more wood. As a contemporary designer living in the American West, one of my biggest challenges is reconciling my love of bright colors, clean lines, beautiful patterns, and witty art with the expectation of tried and true traditionalism. Don’t get me wrong, I believe a home should reflect its surroundings and it’s heritage. I love using natural materials and color palettes that reflect the time and place, but I believe that traditional Western design doesn’t properly reflect the beauty, light and bright colors just outside the door of every mountain home. So, today, I’m defining a New Western design; a fresh take on the classics; a blend of old and new; a sexy twist on rustic. This is style that is anything but ordinary, but it’s also not an overwhelming departure from the past.

Tim Gunn says it best: "Don't forget to use the accessory wall, designers!"

I always say, when you accessorize your space it’s like adding the final flourishing touches to an outfit. You can have the best little black dress in the world, but it’s the perfect pair of shoes that makes your style pop. Side tables are a lot like that gorgeous pair of Louboutins. They bring character to your space and provide structure for the rest of your design to shine. Boring side tables do the opposite. They are like finishing a Gucci lace midi-dress with a pair of green Crocs. (Can I get an AMEN?!) Sexy, chunky, heavy, masculine, light and airy, abstract—there are so many cool, creative choices on the market, there is no excuse for a boring, wooden version with four legs and a small drawer. To help you escape from the mundane side table syndrome, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite versions that make me swoon.

It’s New Year’s resolution time. However, this year, instead of punishing yourself with the same “lose 5 pounds,” “meditate,” “more yoga, less wine,” I challenge you to channel that self-improvement talk into your rooms. By adopting these five design principles, you will wake up happier, more creative and infinitely more inspired. Sure, that might all sound like an impossible Holy Grail, but I promise if you give it a shot, it will work like magic on your mood. Another bonus? Unlike the cold, harsh reality of bootcamp classes, salad-only diets, and must-organize everything promises, you will actually want to keep these resolutions.