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It’s no secret that I love wallpaper. With all of the advances in printing technology today, there are endless possibilities for wild designs, super vibrant colors and 3-D texture. Unlike a coat of paint, wallpaper adds depth and personality to a space. One of my favorite resources in the world of wallpaper is Wall & Deco, an Italian company that has totally revolutionized the industry. Their waterproofing system allows you to paper anywhere in a home—showers, kitchen backsplashes, even outdoor spaces.

As a designer, I am always on the hunt for inspiration. Sometimes it’s derived from something as simple as a really beautiful piece of fabric, or a colorful graffiti wall, but other times I look to other designers whose work totally lights me up. Jessica Helgerson of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design is one of these designers who I turn to time and again. For this month’s Designer Crush, I wanted to know what inspires her and what keeps her creating?

Just like the perfect pair of shoes or a killer pair of earrings complete an outfit, lighting completely transforms the mood and feel of a room. Chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, sconces—the list goes on and on—can truly make or break your design, taking it from kind-of-ok, to truly exceptional. It’s this transformative quality that makes choosing the right lighting such a scary proposition. Believe me, even after a decade and a half of designing, lighting still makes my hand tremble a little when ordering. When shopping for lighting there are a lot of things to consider: size of space, type of fixture, style of room, etc. So, I’ve come up with a cheat sheet to get you started on the right path to find the perfect fixture.

There are some rooms that have it all: Drama, sophistication, color, light, witty touches and an unmistakable sense of place. True, this space has great bones—exceptionally high ceilings with intricate Old World moulding, a massive floor-to-ceiling French door, and perfectly imperfect plaster walls, but it’s...

When the lights dimmed on the Spring/Summer 2016 runways a couple of weeks ago, there were a few major trends that I immediately knew would translate beautifully to your rooms. Over the last two seasons we have seen a serious uptick in individualism, finally (finally) getting away from minimalism of the recession years. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful, simple white shift as much as the next girl, but very few things excite me more than color, pattern, florals, texture and layers.

Pink is more than a color, it’s an attitude. A soft blush—think the color your cheeks turn when you see your crush—is being lauded as one of the “it” colors for 2015 (e.g. from Pantone and Sherwin-Williams). How can you pull off this happy hue without it looking too girly or vintage? Here are a few tips to make this pretty trend classic, modern and totally new, followed by some of my favorite blush hued goods on the market.'s getting cold and drizzly outside. New York has been socked in by rain, Jackson Hole is down to the 20s at night, and the eternally sunny Denver (where one of my partners in crime lives) is chilly enough to turn on the heat. With that I'm crushing on shearling. The whole trend for tossing a sheepskin on chairs, tables, sofas and floors has been pervasive over the last few years, but I'm ready to up the ante with a full on, in-your-face shearling treatment. Here are a few shearling chairs to help you find some woolly bliss.