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So by now you have probably heard that I was recently nominated for HGTV’s Fresh Faces of Design contest. My transformation of Jackson Hole Title & Escrow into a bright, modern workspace brought home the nomination for Post Public Spaces. This is an exciting time in the world of design, as we wake up with a renewed desire to celebrate our unique place in the world. I am thrilled to be at the forefront of a new design paradigm where anything and everything goes, as long as it makes you wake up every day and feel alive. Not sure how to say this without sounding cliche, but it truly is an honor to be among the 2015 nominees. The level of design is off the charts, and it’s always great to see what other designers are doing around the country. That said, this is a competition and I’m determined to come out on top. Here’s how you can help:

Hear me out now. A rug that costs as much as your rent (or your mortgage) is one of the most important design purchases you will make. Yes. You read that correctly, and yes you most definitely should spend more than you think on an area rug. $200 buys you a cheap piece of poorly-made pile that you will ultimately throw away in a year to replace with another, and another, and another. In 5 years you could have spent the same amount of money on a really fabulous foundation piece for your room. Even with a houseful of furry animals, messy kids and muddy boots, the right rug should still have a price tag that makes you gasp (just a little bit). Why? Here’s 4 reasons, followed by some of my favorite trade secrets for buying the perfect rug, and finally a few coveted resources for the best at every price.

Something electric happens when you gather together a group of incredible human beings around a dinner table. You can feel the spark of ideas, the making of new friends and the possibility of new adventures. Dinner Studio is a series of events we designed to bring together some of the brightest minds in business, design, art and beauty. Our second installment kicked off on a chilly fall night in mid-September with a mix of business owners, philanthropists, and long time Jackson locals, and the result was nothing short of exciting.

Get ahead of the curve with these 2016 tile trends. There’s something captivating about tile. Giant mosaic illustrations made entirely of stone and patterns that go beyond the traditional subway style are a genuine design statement that shouldn’t just be reserved for a kitchen backsplash or shower. Tile is totally versatile and can easily transform everything from a powder room to a front entryway or even a bedroom. Think of tile like jewelry. Sometimes you want to go full on Iris Apfel for maximum impact, sometimes you want a graphic statement piece to update a Little Black Dress, and sometimes it just feels good to wear an armful of gold. Either way, I’m thinking it’s time to up the ante on your next decorating project. Here are a few of some of the 2016 tile trends I am most excited about.

A little something hit the social media airwaves last week that I can't seem to get out of my mind. The 100,000  balloons at Covent Garden by French artist Charles Petillon (titled “Heartbeat”) are, in a very trite but true word, breathtaking; they completely took my breath away. Seeing the impact of this mass of balloons adrift against the glass ceiling of an iconic 19th century building made me think about how you can create major impact like this in your own home.

 The Great Fall Edit I love fall. The crackling leaves underfoot, the chill in the air that makes me want to bundle up in chunky’s all lovely for a little while...until the snow comes. Another great thing about the fall season is the sense of renewal—a clean start. With this comes the urge to clean out my closets, edit and toss those “what was I thinking?” clothing items and rebuild a new fall wardrobe. Here’s the thing many forget: Our homes need the same editing, tossing and rebuilding—just like our wardrobes.  Similar to the classic black pants (for me it’s killer black leather leggings) and statement necklace—our homes require that timeless, high-quality sofa along with other best-you-can-afford staple furnishings. Then we can add seasonal pops of trendy prints and vibrant hues to liven and modernize our spaces. But stop right there—I am not giving you permission to run out and add the season’s latest trends to your home just yet. First, we need to perform the “Great Fall Edit”, then we need to add in some new fall trends. Here’s how:

Who said pale pink is only for little girls? The pink paired with kelly green evokes such a modern and grown-up feeling. Unexpected elements like the combination of traditional crown molding with mid-century modern furniture makes it oh so chic and totally fresh. A touch of abstract...

“Camouflaged into her surroundings, the character dwells on the landscape and the landscape dwells on the character in a perfect symbiotic realm.” —Cecilia Paredes A few days ago a mind-bending exhibition of famed artist Cecilia Paredes opened at Ruiz Healy Art, in San Antonio, Texas as part of the Fotoseptiembre USA International Photography Festival. Paredes has been well-known on the art scene since 2012 when her magical “photo performances” hit the social media airwaves. In her works she camouflages her painted body against gorgeously patterned wallpaper backdrops, all but disappearing into the work, becoming part of the landscape.

Now that summer is winding down it’s time to turn inside. In my house, that means the kitchen is where my girls gather around the dining table for homework, and I manage to find a little extra time to make some serious warm-your-soul meals. That said, I have a bit of a bone to pick with kitchen design these days. It’s boring. Marble or granite or concrete countertops with subway tile, white walls, white cabinets bare floors. Let’s add some life back, shall we? Here are a few of my favorite colorful kitchens to serve as inspiration for yours.