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Jackson Hole is one of those rare small towns with a big city heart, and an incredibly creative community of genuinely cool individuals. Even more remarkable, there is a fabulous concentration of women who have built thriving businesses and created a powerful, supportive network that delivers world-class artistry and intellect. After yet another Wyoming winter, Jenny May and I were in serious need of connection with friends and neighbors. This connection was the inspiration for Dinner Studio, a new series of events we designed to bring together some of Jackson Hole’s brightest minds in business, design, art and beauty.

A decade ago the concept of “Mountain Modern” was born out of the need for something fresh—a sparring match against the traditional, typical mountain style (antlers, browns, reds, wood, hides, and garish ornamentation). As with any trend, there is always a point when we feel the need to shift. A time when adding or subtracting an extra layer can immediately make a design style feel updated and new again. Well, that time is now. We have always been huge proponents of color, and thankfully over the last couple of years there has been a resurgence in the use of bright, fabulous hues. Gone are drab grey and all white spaces and in their place is color, texture, polish, and a little glam permeated with the casual, thrown together bohemian style that is all the rage on the runways. We’re calling it Mountain Boho. It’s a perfect reflection of the overall mood of colorful optimism, combined with the casual, effortless style of the mountains.

Spring in Jackson Hole is divine. Flowers fight their way through the snow, mud cakes our boots and, after hibernating all winter, it’s time to scrub everything clean and throw the windows open. This time of year also means resurrecting that old design cliche “bring the outdoors in,” which (admittedly) kind of makes us cringe. It dredges up scary thoughts of overgrown dentist office ferns, bland neutrals, antler everything, and wood, wood, and more wood. Stop right there... The outdoors is a riot of color. Mother Nature isn’t drab and brown, she’s bright, fresh and a little garish—greens, reds, yellows, purples and blues mix with texture and grit. Mountains or city, “bringing the outdoors in,” needs a new definition—bold floral prints in a powder room, modern twists on wood textures, fresh flowers that look like a fabulous case of bedhead. It’s about color! This year, revel in all the tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeve and smile knowing you handily defeated one of the most dreaded design cliches.

While we are admittedly a little late to chime in on the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, it has taken us a few months to—ahem—stomach it. Such a departure from the previous year’s bold, brilliant, and bouncy Radiant Orchid, Marsala’s earthy, brown hue had us, (and many others) feeling just as blah as the color itself. Marsala looks like it might belong in your grandparents’ living room right next to a marigold chair, pea green sofa, and orange shag rug. So the question we have asked ourselves for nearly two months is: How can we make Marsala look fresh and alive instead of muddy and passe?

Here’s a classic remodeling dilemma for you—How do you take a totally uninspiring space that someone else designed (usually in a yawn-inducing palette with vanilla finishes and dated colors) and transform it into something vibrant, amazing and alive; something that is totally and uniquely you? The first question is: “How can we create a space that allows you to be you with all of your quirks and secret desires?” How can we make it look like you, feel like you, and help you live life to the fullest, whether you are throwing dance parties till 2am, intimate gatherings by the fire, cooking a family meal, or just relaxing with a bubble bath. Here’s how we approached this gorgeous mountain modern remodel.

Predicting trends is tricky business. What's sexy one minute can look lame the next. Raise your hand if you are sick of chevron and ikat. And, let’s not even begin to talk about forest green shag carpet or baby pink kitchens.
So what’s the trick to working with "trends" without redecorating your house every six months? Invest in timeless pieces that you LOVE for big items—sofas, dining tables, flooring. Then you can update every few years with new accessories, wall coverings, drapes, pillows, hardware. There is no cheaper way to transform a space than a simple coat of paint or a new rug. But let’s get to the real question...what’s going to be hot next? Here is our 2015 Interior Design Trend Forecast.

One week to go. Are you freaking out yet? We’ve all been there— the last minute scramble for gifts, the “oh no, I didn’t get anything for so and so.” Not the best feeling, is it? Right about now I tend to end up with some pretty bad visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. “Of course he would love this hilarious pair of reindeer ski socks, don’t you think?” Never. So, in an attempt to help us all stay away from ski socks, beaded scarves and boring Moleskin notebooks, here are some seriously cool gifts for your last-minute shopping.