Runway to Rugs: Deadlo Living's Gorgeous Italian Hide Rugs
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Runway to Rugs: Dedalo Living

Runway to Rugs: Dedalo Living

With enough money, time, and determination, most anyone can recreate the rooms found in home design magazines. However, nothing makes up for the feeling you get when you have reached into the most creative parts of your brain to come up with something truly original.

The truth is that you can’t design a unique space if you’re only sourcing from catalogs. One-of-a-kind rooms start with one-of-a-kind design pieces.

My favorite rooms, just like my favorite pieces, are deeply personal. This is why I am simply obsessed with the rugs from Dedalo Living.

After spending over a decade in Italy working in the fashion industry, designer Elisabeth Cook turned her eye toward interior design—specifically rugs and wall décor.

The transition from creating luxury footwear and leather goods to designing bespoke hair on hide rugs was a natural one. Her designs blend Italian artisanal traditions with a modern fashion-forward design sense to create truly elegant pieces that become a work art for your rooms. These geometric, hair on hide leather rugs are a labor of skill, craftsmanship and artistry.

Made in Italy

Dedalo rugs

Dedalo uses couture-quality (think Fendi for your floor) Italian leather to create each rug, which is hand pieced by Italian artisans. These materials not only add textural depth, they are also ultra comfortable. Cook opted for a longer hair length than is typically used, which makes each rug even more insanely beautiful.

Making it Personal

Dedalo rugs

Your furnishings aren’t just objects, they become a meaningful part of your everyday life, and when you can create these pieces from the ground up to perfectly match your style, your colors and your overall design, it makes them even more meaningful.

Elisabeth’s design process is highly personalized, which makes these rugs even more enticing.

Throughout the process, her clients take part in creating a shared vision for each piece. They choose their favorite pattern (or create a new one), choose from 100 different signature colors, and choose a custom shape and size.

“Behind each piece…there is a story to share and a relationship to create, which can only be considered one-of-a-kind,” says Elisabeth. The result is an experience that doesn’t come out of a box.

Each of these designs could stand alone as a piece of art. They inhabit a lovely place somewhere between Elisabeth’s modern sensibility and her roots in Italian tradition.

I’ve said this before, but let me hit this one home. A high-quality rug is definitely something that is worth the investment. If you can purchase a handmade rug that is also one-of-a-kind, a conversation piece, a work of art AND a personalized experience—even better.

Dedalo rugs

If you are interested in working with Dedalo Living to create a unique rug for your space, contact Elisabeth Cook at or 970.744.6875.


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