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Elevate Your Everyday: Avesha Michael Ceramic Spoons Giveaway

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Elevate Your Everyday: Avesha Michael Ceramic Spoons Giveaway

Avesha Michael Giveaway

We have partnered with Avesha to add a little something special to your kitchen drawers.

These little ceramic spoons are handmade, about 7.5-inches long with a glazed spoon and a natural handle. Delicate and simple, they are perfect for spooning sugar, jam, honey, coconut oil…really anything that you need just a little bit of to go a long way.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how to win AND a little more about how to elevate your everyday basics. 

Avesha Michael

How To Enter!

Easy peasy. Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite elevated “everyday basic” in your kitchen and why you love it. You can also double your luck by signing up for the LTSFB newsletter!

2. Share with your friends on Facebook, Instagram (@lifestooshortforbeige) and help us spread the word!

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Keep reading for my interview with Avesha.

Beyond the Basics

FullSizeRender (2)

We often take for granted the things we use every day: plates, bowls, coffee mugs, utensils, but your dishware deserves better. Your life deserves more style—enter Avesha.

Add some of her beautiful handmade pieces to your kitchen collection—a favorite morning coffee mug, a bowl of strawberries, a spoon to stir a little sugar into your tea—to add a little extra zhuzh to your day. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the pieces are pretty to look at.

Meet Avesha Michael

What Do You Love Most About Working With Porcelain?

I love the strength yet softness of porcelain.  It’s so pure and simple, yet so challenging at the same time.

Avesha Michael

What Are Your Favorite Materials to Work With?

I tend to work very simply, so just clay and glaze. However, on the retail end a good splash of gold has been a staple in recent years.

Walk Us Through Your Creative Process. Where Does it Begin?

I began at 8 years old in Chicago and I don’t think my [technique] has changed very much. Clay is a part of me, and while I often wish I would draw and sketch more, I just work more organically… I sit down and create.  Most recently, I push myself to turn what I perceive as a “disaster” into something else and go with the flow.  This shift has lent to some of my favorite designs, the less than perfect yet totally unique pieces that I could never have “tried” to create.

Avesha Michael

What Are You Working on Right Now?

I recently found a hand built vase I made about 20 years ago that I, for the first time, love. It’s uneven, rustic and awkward and I’m developing a new line to sell in trios.  I’m excited about veering away from the wheel more and leaning into more organic forms.

Modern or Traditional?

Modern twist on traditional?

Avesha Michael

Favorite Color and Why?

I tend not to have favorite anythings, but taupe. I love a good taupe.

Favorite Place You Have Traveled To?

I like to think I haven’t been there yet, but to date Siena, Italy.

If You Could Live in Any Other Era, Which Would it Be?

Solely for the music, the Jazz Age.

Avesha Michael


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