Style, Design, Fashion, Art: Meet My Favorite Instagram Accounts for 2016
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Style, Design, Fashion, Art: Meet My Favorite Instagram Accounts for 2016

Style, Design, Fashion, Art: Meet My Favorite Instagram Accounts for 2016

My office is full of Instagram addicts. I’m willing to bet yours is too. But in a sea of famous ‘grammers with 450K followers, some of the more cool, creative and innovative feeds get overlooked. To help refresh your lineup, here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts we are crushing on at the Grace Home Design studio. Trust us, you will want to follow them too.


“South East London based interior design studio, design writers and dachshund lovers.” With a classic English sense of humor, and great blog posts about design, color, pattern, and inspiration from their hometown of London, 2 Lovely Gays is proof that two is better than one.

Instagram Favorites


One of my top picks for wallpaper just happens to have a delectable Instagram feed with wallpaper ideas from designers around the world. Leave it up to the Italians to be cool, chic and funky all at the same time.

Instagram Favorites


An Instagram feed I come back to time and time again, Lavender Homes goes beyond the typical design feed to include fashion, food and lifestyle. They cull bright, stylish interiors from around the web with quotes and design tips…it’s a one stop shop for “pretty.”

Lavender Homes


A stalwart of British design, David Linely crafts some of the most exquisite furniture I have ever laid eyes on. I love his classic style with intricate inlays. It’s so high brow you will need a cup of tea and biscuit to scroll through the feed.



Cle Tile…how I love you? Let me count the ways. Think heirloom quality, hand-crafted but so beautiful it almost hurts. Even Vogue magazine has chimed in calling them “…the preferred house for artisanal tile.” The colors, patterns and ideas on their Instagram feed make my mouth water. This is the stuff tile dreams are made of.

Cle Tile


In my ongoing research about Generation Y and Z, my assistant Kate turned me onto this feed of artist Miranda Lorikeet whose bright, pop art prints and candy crush colors are absurdly addictive. Her feed is full of quirky shots of things that she encounters in her daily routine, as well as some of her design inspiration, funky fashion choices and products.



Achieve that eclectic bohemian vibe you are coveting for summer, Eleanor Anderson’s patterns are wildly artistic with geometric tribal-style patterns and vibrant colors. Her work in textiles, ceramics, illustration and letterpress is a fresh voice in a sea of same-ness. Take a look at her feed and you will see why I’m in love.



Wild, a little crazy, messy and seemingly untamed, Native Poppy is a new generation of florist. Her feed is nonstop eye candy with a mashup of wildflowers, arrangements, wedding inspiration and artful shots of her life and musings. I definitely plan on using some of these ideas for summer dinner studio!

Native Poppy


Hands down one of the best interior design magazines on the planet…the French know how to do Instagram the right way. Eclectic, not overly curated, not too polished, it’s a feed of real world shots, jaw-dropping interiors, and behind the scenes footage of how the magazine is produced.




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