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Designer Crush—Meet Andrea Beecher and Her Disco-Rustic-Glam Style

Designer Crush—Meet Andrea Beecher and Her Disco-Rustic-Glam Style

“Design is not just about making the world a prettier place, or maximizing the usefulness of a room. For me, design is about creating spaces that elevate and inspire, and I love it!” –Andrea Beecher

Over the past couple of millennia, style eras in art, architecture, design and fashion have been punctuated by “isms”—Modernism, Classicism, Cubism, Brutalism, Orientalism. But in recent years, the whole notion of an “ism” has been thrown out the window and replaced with the hyphenates, i.e. Disco-Modern-Western-Contemporary-meets-Mad Men.

As a Colorful-Contemporary-Western-Maximalist, I couldn’t be more pleased. We are in an era where design doesn’t have to adhere to rules or principles. Look around you and you will see a madcap mashup of styles, ideas, eras, cultures and colors, that 10 years ago, would have been mocked. For example:

…think about the slightly off the wall granny-meets-sexy-school-girl creations of Alessandro Michele of Gucci, or the 90s-street-style-meets-80s-high-fashion of Demna Gvasalia of Vetements

The same goes for interior design right now. Boundary-pushing tastemakers are crafting delicious interiors that defy convention.

The best part? You no longer have to live in LA or NYC or London to see this kind of boundary-pushing style. You need look no further than the Rocky Mountain West where designers like me (my firm Grace Home Design is based in Jackson Hole), Danielle Wallinger of Studio D (my Denver-based 2015 designer crush), and my latest designer obsession Andrea Beecher in Salt Lake City, offer something very different from our colleagues.

One look at her portfolio will tell you why. A deft blend of urban glam, mid-century modern flair and contemporary cool, Beecher has the kind of “I want it and I want it now” style that you can’t define.

Andrea Beecher incorporates warm high wattage finishes—gold and brass—with strategic placement of pattern and color, and finishes it off with luxe rustic elements like wood and concrete.

The result?

Outside-the-box rooms that are equal parts confident, seductive and provocative.

I’m thinking Disco-Brutalist-Modern-Glam…sounds about right, don’t you think?

On the Horizon | M3LD

Recently, Andrea bottled her unique aesthetic into M3LD a line of furniture, accessories and lighting, co-founded with Brian Garrett and Jason Frederick. The pieces are elegant and sculptural with powerful lines inspired by Brutalist principals, all topped with a healthy dose of sexy.

Andrea Beecher

The first pieces in the collection, “explode ordinary furnishing concepts using unexpected forms and materials.” And, while each piece could easily live in an over-the-top Moscow mansion, I can’t wait to incorporate them into some mountain interiors as a welcome nod to urbanity in a sea of rustic beige.

Andrea Beecher

As you can imagine, I wanted to get a peek into what drives Andrea Beecher’s aesthetic. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Favorite Color 

All shades of green, but the murkier and muddier the better. Think PANTONE 16-0545 TCX Split Pea.

2. If you could time travel to any other time period, where would you go?

Hmmm….I’d have to say the Disco era. I was born in ’77 but I’d like to go back as an adult and experience the music, the fashion, the modern architecture, and the amazing furniture design live and in person.

3. Gold or silver?

Gold!!! But I’m a big fan of mixing metals so both, if I’m allowed.

Andrea Beecher

4. Favorite city for inspiration?

This is hard. I love to travel, and love so many places for so many different reasons. But if I have to pick one, I would pick Barcelona, or Tokyo. Or wait…Reykjavik.

5. Last place you traveled to?

The Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. St. Bart’s, St. Maarten’s, Nevus, Dominica, Les Saintes, Antigua

6. Favorite element of a room?

Lighting! For it’s ability to change and enhance mood and, when it’s unique and interesting, lighting is a fun way to add some “jewelry” to a space.

Andrea Beecher

Andrea Beecher

Andrea Beecher
photography by Kirsten Hepburn

Andrea Beecher
photography by Kirsten Hepburn

Andrea Beecher
photography by Kerri Fukui

Andrea Beecher
photography by Kirsten Hepburn

Andrea Beecher
photography by Daniel Beecher

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