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LQSHOP Giveaway! Win a $100 Gift Card

LQSHOP Giveaway! Win a $100 Gift Card

We’re partnering with LQSHOP—one of my favorite online stores that just seems to “get it” when it comes to bold, assertive and totally cool design—to give readers a chance to win a $100 LQSHOP gift card.

TO ENTER: Click on the link below and sign up for our newsletters by May 5th to qualify. If you have already signed up for my newsletter, not to worry. Go ahead and sign up for LQSHOP and we will make sure you are entered to win.


To celebrate the giveaway, I’ve curated a collection of my favorites from the shop. Keep scrolling to see some of the products I love.

Who and What Is LQSHOP?

After two decades in the design industry, LQSHOP owners Karen Quiana and Leslie Linksman had worked with hundreds of talented artisans, craftspeople and manufacturers from around the globe. In their travels, one of the blessings and curses was coming across interesting and beautiful products that weren’t suitable for projects they were working on, but they would take tear sheets and save the info just in case they would have an opportunity to use it someday.

As the piles of information grew, they started to form what is now LQSHOP, a destination for the cool and different, the fresh and new, the funky and fabulous. It’s an exceptional curation of ideas, furnishings, objects, art and home goods that focuses on up-and-coming artists, craftsmen and vendors from all over the world.

What They Had to Say

To get inside the heads of these cool New York women, I had a few questions about what informs their style. Here’s what they had to say.

Most inspiring city for design?

Newburgh, NY—it’s like living in a 1970s Scorsese film

Favorite color and why?

Leslie: White— it changes the most with the light.

Karen: Orange—nothing better than a Sugar Maple in the fall blazing against a blue sky

Design rule you love to break?

All of them.

Favorite room in a home?

Leslie: Screened porch

Karen: Attic

Vendor you are most excited about at LQShop and why?

Santa & Cole—Fabulous lighting

Patrick Cain—Young LA designer with a great sensibility

Oasiq—fantastic outdoor furniture

A trend you are loving right now and why?

Leslie: Mixing metals—refreshing to have options other than silver in the mix.

Karen: The growing options in outdoor lighting. It really makes a space.


1. Gold Flirt Side Table, $990 | 2. Hand Hook, $75 | 3. Twist Round Coffee Table, $2,050


1. Parker Pendant, $490 | 2. Concha Chair, $435 | 3. Dakin Roy – Brazil 330, $302


1. Hand Hook, $75 | 2. Bone Burst Bedside Chest, $2,295 | 3. Charney Pendant, $640


1. Lola Quartz Side Table-Brass, $1,734 | 2. Leather Piston Stool, $690 | 3. Concha Chair, $435


1. Loaded, $169 | 2. Dakin Roy – Brazil 288, $302 | 3. Overdyed Rug 14, $1,496

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