Lotus - Grace Home Design
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About This Project

“It was challenging finding a new location for Lotus as the lease in it’s original space was drawing near, but when it really started to become a reality that I would keep Lotus going at the 140 N. Cache location, I knew I would need the help of someone amazing for the design aspect. I immediately thought of Jennifer Visosky due to her reputation, but I really had no idea how just how incredible she & the whole GHD team was until I started working with them. Jen’s refined use of materials, color, texture & silhouttes is truly amazing & awe inspiring.  This was a big commercial project for me, yet Jen’s architectural knowledge & ability to work with the contractor on every detail was vast and gave me peace of mind along every turn. The icing on the cake is working with Jen. She is someone who can probably get along with anyone. Jen is genuine, caring, smart & easy to be around which makes is easy to express ideas, visions & work seamlessly with such a creative individual. Going into this project, I didn’t quite know what or how to get to the end result, but Jen gracefully & confidently knew how to work with my vision, pull it all together, & put a purely magical touch on everything.” Amy Young – Owner Lotus Restaurant