These Stylish Kids Rooms Will Make You Rethink the Star Wars Bedspread
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These Stylish Kid’s Rooms Will Make You Jealous + My Favorite Kid’s Design Sources

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These Stylish Kid’s Rooms Will Make You Jealous + My Favorite Kid’s Design Sources

When former Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini was a child, her father painted her room white, gave her a pile of markers, crayons and paints, and told her to use the room as her canvas. 25 years later, she launched into the fashion industry and the rest is history.

Stylish Kid’s Rooms are a trend that has been gaining ground over the last few years. From bold wallpaper, to mini versions of grown up furniture, to dapper yet durable fabrics, the latest products on the market are so cool, I have to admit the tiniest bit of envy that these didn’t exist back in my day.

Spending a lot of money and effort making a kid’s room really exceptional might seem extravagant. Why waste the dollars and time on something that will be destroyed by grimy hands, markers, crayons and all of the lovely trappings of your child’s life?


Because I believe when a child grows up surrounded by creativity, color and beauty, this ultimately sparks their imagination and provides a platform for them to see and appreciate the world around them.

That said, you don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade a nursery, playroom or pre-teen hideaway. Simple changes like a funky wallpaper, a cool, inexpensive teepee for hiding out, brightly patterned pillows for lounging, or a whimsical light fixture are all affordable additions to a space.

Inspiration and Ideas for Stylish Kid’s Rooms

To get you started, here is a little inspiration, plus some of my favorite new products on the market. From wallpaper to furniture to accessories, you will no doubt find something for that superfly little one in your life.

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

Les Bidules Wallpaper, Pierre Frey, $127

The perfect wallpaper for a little one that likes to draw on the walls with crayons. I love the idea of this wallpaper as a foundation for inspiring creativity a la Frida Giannini.

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

DipDyed Stools, Serena & Lily, $58- $68

Reclaimed teak branches get a second life with these sturdy stools. The stools are hand shaped and waxed, then the legs are dipped in glossy paint for a modern edge. These are ideal for a kid’s playroom as they are both playful and durable.

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

Rolling Storage Crates, Serena & Lily, $88-$248

Rustic and kid-proof these rolling book carts are also perfect for toys, games and stuffed animals. They fit under most beds making for stylish storage, and are supremely versatile.

kid's rooms

Isaac Sconce, Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., $139-$159

Simple Scandinavian lines are fused with vintage-inspired materials for this mid-century modern-style sconce. It comes in a variety of colors and can be used individually, in pairs or in multiples. Love.

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

Ferm Living Mr. Cushion, 2modern, $100

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

Blu Dot Mima Pillow, 2modern, $79

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

Gandia Blasco Mangas Spaces Plait Cushion, 2modern, $320

Play with color and pattern. Mix and match a variety of cheeky, bright and hilarious cushions from 2Modern for pillow forts, pillow fights and daydreams.

kid's rooms

Children’s Teepee, Land of Nod, $159

This denim dip-dyed teepee is great in a little boy’s room. Love this idea for a mountain home as it has the perfect touch of rustic without going overboard.

kid's rooms

Urban Outfitters, Modern Wall Shelf, $29

Super affordable, practical and versatile, these steel shelves should be hung in multiples. They come in several colors, which means you can mix and match. Books, toys, photos, plants, flowers…you name it, belong right here.

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

Volières Bird Cage Chandelier, Graham and Green, $540

Replace the traditional nursery mobile with this stunning birdcage pendant. Inside the wired cage is a menagerie of colored birds made from real feathers. Each one is individually made, so this fixture doubles as a work of art. Delightful, isn’t it?

Stylish Kid's Rooms | Life's Too Short for Beige

The Rocking Sheep, Baby Geared, $490 

Not sure if these need much of an introduction. These are truly a work of art, each handmade from pine, and upholstered in real lambskin by Povl Kjer.

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