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The Secret to Effortless Style

The Secret to Effortless Style

We all have that friend. You know hershe looks put together no matter what, with an effortless style you can’t quite put your finger on. She is always wearing that ideal shade of pink lipstick, her hands are always beautifully manicured, and somehow her hair has that perfectly imperfect hint of a beachy wave.

While effortless doesn’t come easy to most of us, we can still give it our best shot by surrounding ourselves with the pieces that boldly suggest #tryingnottrying.

What’s the Secret to Effortless Style?

When attempting “effortless style,” the Devil is truly in the details. “Easy chic” is about buying really well made everyday items—napkins, scarves, shoes, drink coasters, glassware, jeans—that are both functional and easy on the eye.

Lisa Walker’s hand drawn, screenprinted scarves, tote bags, tea towels, and napkins are just the type of accessory that provides an instant pop of casual chic, to help you create the kind of home that says “Hey world, I’ve got this, and then some….” even if you don’t.

Her Background

Secret to Effortless Style

Originally from the West, Lisa moved to the East Coast at the age of nine. She opted to pursue her passion for art (instead of engineering) and attended the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, where she earned her BFA in graphic design.

After being recruited as an artist for Hallmark Cards, Lisa designed and illustrated cards and gift wrap for Target for several years, but she found herself drawn back to the West, and relocated to Jackson, Wyoming in 2002. A decade later she discovered her passion for designing and printing textiles, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Her Work

Each of Lisa’s textiles begin by sketching her design on a 4×4 inch square. These tiny drawings become the starting point for her larger creations which she screenprints by hand. Influenced by her upbringing in the American West and the suburbs of New York City, Lisa combines these two cultural aesthetics to achieve the kind of laid back style, that seems so simple, yet is extremely difficult to pull off.

There is a delicate artistic thread woven into everything Lisa doesher airy and effortless scarves, modern tea towels, and casual and cool waxed canvas totes. The influence of nature is ever-present as is her “cool girl” sensibility.

Without a doubt, her scarves are my favorite. Especially with spring mountain weather, the blanket scarf (pictured below in Teton) is that perfect thing to throw on when you feel like spending the whole day in yoga pants, but don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed.

Amen to that.

Secret to Effortless Style
Bamboo Blanket Scarf in Burgundy

Often printed on humble fabrics such as denim or flour sack material, Lisa’s tea towels and napkins are another just-right casual accessory that I love. She has designed exclusive tea towel and napkin patterns for both Aspens Market and Persephone Bakery.

Secret to Effortless Style
Flour Sack Napkins

Secret to Effortless Style

What she had to say

What design trends are you loving right now?

Bright & bold colors
Pattern mixing
Beautiful typography
Combining hard and soft

What’s on your playlist?

Radiolab, James Blake, Banks, Grimes, Ben Howard, Ibeyi, Ed Sheeran, The National, The Weekend, Jamie xx

Style icon

Valentino, Gucci, Chanel, Mara Hoffman, Marimekko

Design peeves

Papyrus (font)
Things that are over-designed

Wild West or Upper West Side?

Wild West. I was born in the west, Montana, and no matter how far I moved away it always called me back. I love to travel, but there is no place I’d rather be.

Last meal

Oatmeal with chia seeds, blueberries and bananas.

Must-have accessory

Scarf! I’ve always been a scarf person, it’s one of the things that drove me to what I’m doing now. I wear one everyday!

Secret to Effortless Style

Secret to Effortless Style

Secret to Effortless Style



Secret to Effortless Style

Secret to Effortless Style

Lisa’s products are available at Habits, Persephone, The Aspens Market, Inversion Yoga, MADE, and Teton Mountain Lodge.

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