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Quick Change: My Top Sources for Stylish Hardware

Quick Change: My Top Sources for Stylish Hardware

I have two words for you. 1. Stylish 2. Hardware

No they aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, combining these two words is possibly the best thing you can do for your design.

Sure, you can play it safe with “pretty” and “classic,” but it’s time to bring sexy back to your rooms—a welcome proposition now that we have entered that  interim between winter and spring, when we are all tired of being indoors, and staring at the same walls, the same furniture, the same accessories.

When clients are itching for change and not quite ready for a major switch like sofas or rugs, one of the first places I turn is hardware.

However, I’m not talking about changing out silver for brass or exchanging one set of hardware from the local hardware store with another.

This hardware is sexy, not standard. It’s Jimmy Choo not Sketchers. Nothing kills style faster than “basic.”

What Do I Mean By Stylish Hardware?

Modern cabinet pulls like those from Bonnemazou-Cambus are transformative on kitchen cabinets. Try a bright color or graphic shape on a vintage dresser, or go with something cheeky and a sense of humor in a kid’s bathroom.

Play with mixed metals. Everything doesn’t have to be matchy matchy. Pair bronze with gold, copper with silver, or oil rubbed bronze with brass. Dive outside your comfort zone.

No matter what, stay away from the typical. There is too much imaginative hardware out there to get stuck with the same old silver pulls from a big box store.

Here are a few of my favorite sources for stylish hardware that are anything BUT basic. Get ready to ogle.

Stylish Hardware

Rockett St. George

Zoo Dear Animals Coat Hook, $15

Totally adorable. This is quirky and irreverent and a great idea for a kid’s room, coat room or edgy guest bath. They also do double duty as coat hooks. #Love. RockettStGeorge.co.uk


Stylish Hardware


1. GB-CL. Nº 01, $380.34 | 2. GL-OM. Nº 03, $326

3. PB-OS. Nº 01, $217.34 | 4. PB-NL. Nº 01,  $326

Truly the most beautiful hardware I have seen in years. These pieces are designed and made by hand in Paris. Bonnemazou-Cambus.fr

Stylish Hardware

House of Eroju

1. Azure Lever Mitred | 2. Louis | 3. Zegna Cross Stitched Lever Overhang | 4. Koji Japan

House of Eroju is one of my go to sources for design-forward architectural pieces. This is a great example of how unexpected materials, like leather and hide, have so much more impact than traditional metal. This is high-end jewelry for your rooms. HouseofEroju.com

Stylish Hardware

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Trousdale Collection

Lenny Kravitz’s (yes, the rock star) new collection with Rocky Mountain Hardware is a gorgeous fusion of elegance with that perfect hint of rock and roll edge. They are modern, heavy and substantial, not for the faint of heart. RockyMountainHardware.com 

Stylish Hardware

Philip Watts Design

1. Gun Door Handle, $1023.51 | 2, 3. Skull Door Handle, $743.61

4. Angel Wing Door Handle,  $364.54

Sculptural pieces like those from Philip Watts are just plain cool. These are showstoppers that work best in simple, modern spaces where the hardware can be the center of attention. PhilipWattsDesign.com

Stylish Hardware

Kast Concrete

1. Bertha Concrete Knobs, $18 | 2. Eira Concrete Knobs, $18 | 3. Hazel Concrete Knobs, $18

Concrete isn’t a material you typically associate with hardware, but this company is proof that convention should always be turned upside down. Designer Grey Hensey, who works out of his Colorado studio, spent a year experimenting with the medium. The result are these substantial, yet delicate pieces. KastConcrete.com

Stylish Hardware


Sling Pull Collection, $15-25

Simple, modern and elegant, I love how the a simple change of the shape, color or placement completely changes the look of these pulls. Vertical or horizontal, they have a ton of uses as cabinet pulls, drawer pulls and even door handles. spinneybeck.com


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